Three Wonder Tips for Relief from Back Pain during Pregnancy- My view Point

We all know that during pregnancy the entire body structure of a woman bears a lot of pain and pressure on areas like spine, legs and feet. Sometimes this can lead to severe lower back pain during pregnancy. Undoubtedly, it is the most common problem during pregnancy- and also an obvious one!

So don’t just bear it as a part and parcel of pregnancy. You can easily prevent and treat back pain during pregnancy by following these simple wonder tips:-

Three Wonder Tips for Relief from Back Pain during Pregnancy

Do Practice a Good Sitting Posture

Every minute your baby is growing and your center of gravity is taking a shift forward. To avoid falling forward, you body is compensating by leaning back — which is causing this strain in lower back muscles – in turn contributing to back pain during pregnancy.  Therefore, practicing a good sitting posture is the key to get relief from back pain during pregnancy. Be straight and erect while standing by holding your chest high and by keeping your shoulders back and relaxed. While standing, do practice a comfortably wide stance for your body support. Avoid standing for a longer period of time. If required to stand then rest one foot on a low step stool for couple of minutes to avoid strain your back muscles.

Good posture also means sitting properly. Always choose a chair that supports your back properly. If not so than place a small cushion behind to support your lower back properly.

Lift Properly During Pregnancy 

It’s important to know your limits of lifting any object during pregnancy. You should squad down for lifting a small object and lift with your legs. Never bend at the waist or lift with your back. Never hesitate to ask for a help from your close ones if you need it to avoid chronic spine injuries during pregnancy.

Let in some physical activity in your daily routine

Regular physical activity can actually help your body in coping up with the stresses and back pains during pregnancy and can keep your back strong at the same time. You can try out some stress-free activities like walking, swimming, meditation etc. to get an instant relief from back pain during pregnancy.

Considering some good complementary therapies is also a good idea. If your back pain still persists even after following these self-care strategies described above then do consult your health care provider at the earliest.


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