Unknown facts about Harimandir sahib-Golden temple- Continued

I have seen all places,

None Like you.

  • You would be amazed to know that in primitive times Gautam Buddha proclaimed that for the achievement of ‘Nirvana’ (Salvation) for the Buddhist monks- GoldenTemple is the best compared to all the places he has seen so far.
  • Another Amazing fact about this holy place is – To enhance the beauty of Harimandir, Maharaja Ranjit Singh ornamented the abode of god with 162 seers (One seer= 1kg) pure gold valuing 66 lakhs at that time for 27 years.
  • Out of ten gurus, eight had graces this divine place wit their pious feet.
  • The Platform that Guru Arjan dev ji has raised in the centre of holy pond for the foundation of  Harimandir Sahib is 67 Hath (A measure approximately of the size of a foot) Long and 67 hath wide. The main reason for choosing this dimension of 67 after very careful consideration. He was aware that every Indian wishes to visit 67 holy shrines in his or her lifetime. By designing the 67 hath dimension, Guru Arjan Dev ji enjoined all 67 Shrines at this 68th holy shrine -Harimandir Sahib.
  • To enter the Harimandir sahib, in the middle of the holy pond, you have to walk over the bridge and take 84 steps from the spectacular outdoor (darshni deori) of the temple. This fact is also indicative of the belief that if one enters the boundary of the Harimandir Sahib, after giving up the worldly attachment, ego, pride and greed and takes 84 steps on the bridge to reach Darbar Sahib, one can achieve emancipation or freedom from the bondage of the 84 lac births.

There is lot more to share with u guys about Harimandir sahib…



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