Baarish aur Music ka Tadka!


One perspective: Delhi mein BaarishNot againSo much traffichorn blowing….So much noisePeep Peep….crowded roads, water filled puddles…..etc. Etc. etc.

So!! Whatz new?

Let us think from a different Perspective: Awesome Baarish ka weathershaam ka waqtthandi hawa....mast romantic timinga long drive….etc. Etc. Etc.

Abb in sab elements mein MUSIC ka tadka Lag jaye toh shaam suhani aur safar suhana ban jata hai…

Now that’s new!

In a Cab- 6 other souls, including me. The only connecting link was our destination; which was Dwarka Metro Station Sector 9.

Suddenly, we (all six of us) realized that we have another connecting link present in the Cab : The MUSIC!

Actually, it is The Music + Baarish Ka Mausam + Half Hour Ki Ride = Killer Combo!!

In just fraction of a second, all souls started humming the songs getting played in the cab…

Voices turned loudersouls started singing!! Deep down the heartwe could feel those songs….those lyricsthose wordswe got connectedwe made eye contact for the first timewe smiledwe laughedwe sang it louderwe were enjoying the musicMusic Connected Us!


Loved this MUSIC ka Tadkawhich turned our routine ride into an unforgettable ride….which is hard to forget…

Being Normal= Na

Being Crazy= Yah

So..for once…

“Jo Nahin Kiya ker ke dekhna”

“Saans Rok ke marr ke Dekhna”

 Enjoy Life!


One thought on “Baarish aur Music ka Tadka!

  1. @Harjeet: Can relate..even i take a cab to sec 9 everyday..once in heavy rains the cab broke down..I gave up all hesitations and got down to walk to sec 21, a good 6 km walk in heavy day ever..

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