When Life takes U Turn?!!! What is the way out?

Sometimes I wonder, why life doesn’t shape as we want it to be. Why our predictions totally fail at some point of time in life.As if it is a game between our predictions and what is already planned by destiny.

We shatter, we get hopeless!! When life takes an unexpected U turn, we feel as if we are drifting towards a black hole….then pain seems endless…but as it is said that time heals everything….almost everything….but one has to give its 100 percent in getting out of that grief…

Cry…cry as much you can but just once….not everyday….pour out all your emotions just once and when Sun rise the next day “let it go” ….believe that it is meant to be gone…the part of that thing which is bothering you was meant to be in your life for that duration only…. Very gracefully bid adieu to that thing or person… Remember that it was meant to be in our life for a specific time period and for a solid reason…the reason is finished now and so is the time to stay in your life.

Now biggest question is how to cope with this pain?

Meditate, work out, talk to your near and dear, have fun, enjoy life now….you don’t need to stay engrossed in that pain forever…. You don’t deserve that… Remember that….

Step forward and never look back again …Life has so much to offer …Always remember that life always open more doors than it closes….

Remember, everything is controlled by the mind… learn to control your mind….be the Master and not the slave of your mind…

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