Son: What would you be when you grow up? -My view point

“Beta; what will you be when you grow up?”

I remember; when any of my relative used to ask this question to me; I use to look blankly at my MOM as if they have asked me how much I have scored in my math exam? But I remember; my cousins had their own (well taught) answers. The most common answer use to be: ‘I will be a pilot when I grow up’

It’s obvious; such answers were inculcated in their minds by their parents so that whenever their child says it they could feel proud of it.

But, my blog is not about this. I have something very obvious and at the same time very unique to tell you guys!

It’s been more than a year since I have been traveling through Delhi Metro almost daily. The most common sight is of teenagers with their mobile earphones plugged (stuffed) into their ears – listening to really LOUD music- hurting their ears- every second.

I seriously feel sorry for each one of them (especially those who stand very close to me)

I know this is a gadget-centric generation and we all love to stay plugged in…listening to our favorite musical number on our smartphone, mobile phone or iPod; but; this is also a fact that we listen to the music at a very high volume; simply because we love to listen it that ways.

I couldn’t believe when I came to know that MP3 players have the ability to blast 104 decibels (dB) straight into the ears – equivalent of standing next to a pneumatic drill (110dB). In fact, any level above 90dB can cause long-term damage to hearing.

Still we don’t care and remain reluctant to accept that we are doing wrong to our ears.

This is what I experience every day in metro and all of a sudden a thought JUMPED inside my mind!

If these teenagers won’t change their ‘always-listening-to-loud- music’ habit soon then 10-15 years from now, when they grow up into mature adults – they will definitely suffer a long –term hearing problems.

The only profession which would lead at that time would be of an ENT doctor or Hearing Aid Specialist.

I think it’s time that we should teach our children that whenever anyone asks them “what will you be when you grow up?”

The answer should not be- “Pilot”, “Engineer”…rather it should be…

“I want to be an ENT Doctor or a Hearing Aid Specialist because as per my mom’s analysis it would become the most flourishing profession in just 10-15 years from now!”

Just Kidding!