Do you believe in shortcuts!- My view Point

Amazingly, the word ‘shortcut’ is so fascinating and yet so weird to me if it isn’t to you!  What I believe is that each one of us, each one… seeks out for some shortcuts to get something lying beyond the boundaries; which seems impossible; difficult, or stressful to achieve otherwise; without applying a shortcut.
Let me elaborate for you!

Today; each one of us need some or the other ‘Wonder Shortcut’ to quench our thirst for More!

Each one of us want to earn 10 times or 100 times More money than what we are earning in our 9 to 6 routine job, Each one of us wants a shortcut to snatch away and sit at the position of our respective (so called!) bosses and relish the fruit of success by sitting on their position, Each one of us wants to do every task in just 86,400 seconds of a full day. Each one of us wants to reach, climb higher…higher and higher…wants more and more…but where end lies?

Do you really think these shortcuts work? Well sometimes they do and sometimes they prepare you for one more shortcut.

You know? Every day I see some or the other example of things happening around me which makes me a firm believer of the fact that people are used to or rather prone to applying ‘shortcuts’ in their daily life.

People want shortcuts of everything!

The other day; when I was passing through a busy street, I saw a long and never ending zigzag queue of people on the corner of the street. My eyes started following the snake like queue from backward and I became more and more curious to know what the final destination of all these people. In matter of 2-3 seconds, I realized that it is leading towards a very famous religious place and those people were those who wanted to offer their prayers inside that religious place.

As I am also a strong believer of God therefore I didn’t felt strange by watching the level of devotion they were showing by standing there in such hot summer evening but what strike me the most is why; all of a sudden so much devotion is being shown by people and that too today?

I pass this road everyday and I don’t find such queues every day THEN WHY TODAY?

The question kept on tossing inside my mind for another 20 minutes till the time I reached home. When I picked my daily newspaper, the front page had the answer. It subdued that thing which was tossing inside my mind. Yes! The query!

It was a Special day!  A day on which it is believed that if we offer our prayers in front of god with honest heart and full devotion; then we won’t face any health problem, any family problem and financial problem and all kinds of similar never ending problems…Our life will run as smooth as Mercedes.  All our worries will vanish by offering special prayers on This Special Day.


Few questions came running in a marathon inside my mind.

Why we; as human beings; need a support of Special Days for showing SpecialDevotion to our Special Gods. Why on the very next day after this so called ‘special day’, not even a single devotee can be seen, standing there, offering prayers?

Was it a ‘limited period offer’ scheme run by God or rather God will refuse to listen to the prayers of those devotees who failed to reach their on that special day?

And most of all; why we believe that God is a biased deity like we Humans; who won’t listen to our prayers if we offer him our prayers from the depth of our heart even by sitting at our home and not being one standing amidst long queues and taking a SHORTCUT to offer prayers to God on special worship day?

My friend! Shortcut is a word made and used ONLY by human beings. For God ‘Shortcut’ is nothing.

You can’t fool God by applying such shortcuts to get your prayers accepted. He knows what to do and when to do irrespective of your ‘silly’ shortcuts.

There is no shortcut to reach God!
Personally, I never had any faith in these kinds of shortcuts which are followed to show false devotion to God even if the very intention is wrong and doubtful!

If your heart is clean and your intensions are good, God Himself will show you the way to reach him.